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Creative Writing
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Have you ever wonder how professionals such as the ones who work at Pixar come up with story ideas for popular movies like Wall-E, Toys Story, and Up? Take this course to learn about the art of storytelling and try your hands on creating a story using helpful hints from professionals! You can also learn about how scripts and storyboards are created for an animation, and try out a few programs that you can use easily to tell stories digitally! 

Course Description 

In this course, students will first explore the history of scriptwriting and how it helps drive storytelling on television and in movies. They will also learn that a good production hinges on good planning, and professionals use what is called storyboarding to plan things out before creating their work. Students will get to try this using a web-based tool called StoryboardThat to create a simple storyboard, which will then be used as a basis for a story. Using the storyboard, they will write out a script for the story, then explore a computer program called Plotagon Story which uses the script to generate a 3D animation.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand what a script is and why it’s important in digital storytelling 
  • Understand how to write simple scripts using a web-based tool called WriterDuet 
  • Use a web application called StoryboardThat to create a digital storyboard 
  • Explore a mobile app called Plotagon Story an animation
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