AI Machine Learning

AI Machine Learning
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We’ve seen ‘smart’ robots and machines in science fiction for years - machines that can think and respond to unexpected information the way human beings do. In this class you’ll learn how computer scientists are helping machines actually learn, so that they can do everything from talking to us to driving our cars. You'll build and train apps using your own data sets and cutting edge industry tools like IBM's Watson to recognize images, make decisions, and understand text.

Course Description 

This course will introduce students to the topics of artificial intelligence and machine learning by engaging them in activities that help them understand what these topics mean and how they are used in the real world. Each module will lead students through a process of discovery; exploring, building and testing different machine learning programs using Scratch and Watson. By participating in hands-on learning and reflecting on their projects, students will explore the benefits and challenges of AI and machine learning. The final module of the course will engage students in predicting and generating ideas about possible and probable future real-world uses of the technology.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand what machine learning and artificial intelligence are; 
  • Use data sets to ‘teach’ and improve apps that respond to human interaction; 
  • Create simple AI programs using Scratch and Watson 
  • Recognize and devise potential applications for artificial intelligence
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