Online Courses

What equipment does my child need?

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Each child just needs a working laptop and good strength wifi.  We reccomend using google chrome as a browser.

What happens after payment?

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After payment you will receive a confirmation email.  up to 24 hours later you will then receive an email from a member of our team with your child's login details.

How long does each course last?

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Each course are generally up to 10 days long in length.

How long should my child spend online each day?

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Each daily activity shall be between 1 - 2 hours in length.

Will this course have a teacher?

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Absolutely.  This is one of Eight Youths main strengths.  A highly skilled teacher will be online with your child each day from 9 - 6 UTC+4 time (UAE).

Where do the course materials come from?

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We are an online certified school with Digital Media Academy. "Digital Media Academy began as the Academy for New Media at Stanford University in the late 1990s as a program of Stanford's Academic Department and was officially incorporated in 2002". Since 2002 Digital Media Academy has become its own private entity retaining close links with Stanford University.  On the certificate it will be state digital media academy.  Digital Media Academy is well respected by all ivy league and world leading universities

When do I receive my certificate?

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This usually takes 3 - 5 days after course completion.  Most often will be much quicker.

What happens if my child is sick or misses a day?

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We appreciate sometimes a child can be sick or have a sudden engagement.  As most activities are around an hour to two hours on length.  Children can catch up in their own time.

Do you have a safeguarding policy

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All of our teachers have had strict background checks. Police checks, qualification vetted.  They will have also have attended safeguarding courses within the last 12 months.

Payment shows as TAP on my statement?

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Tap payments is our approved payment provider.  You can find more information about TAP here: https://www.tap.company/ae/en.  TAP also handle payments for high profile clients such as ITunes & Ooredoo.

Getting in touch?

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We have made getting in touch super easy.  On our site you will have a live chat feature, WhatsApp contact, email, office phone and cell phone.  Your child will also have access to communicate with the teacher online.

Our Camps

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